Sunday, September 13, 2009

What I like most about Aidilfitri

Happy Raya to all my friend and Sir Izuan. For this entry I want to share what I love most when Aidilfitri comes. The first things comes to my mind is I can start make some biscuit and bake cakes.

When Ramadan is just a week left, people will start to do some preparation. I will focus more on biscuits. We will make at least five types of biscuits and bake two type of cake. I really love this part! My mother and my sister will be my assistant since they are not really interested in making this biscuits. Usually the recipes come from recipes book but I will do some arrangement if necessary. Some of this biscuits will be store at my house and some of them will be given to my relatives at my hometown. I fell happy if people eat my biscuits and I will satisfy if people like my biscuits.

It is like a tradition for my family to bake two type of cake every Aidilfitri. Usually I will make chocolate cake and orange cake. My family likes to eat chocolate cake and so do I. It is easy to make it but it required more cost to make a chocolate cake. It taste delicious and many people want the recipes but I’m sorry, my mother will not aloud it as it is our secret recipes. Why must two? It is because my mother prefers more on orange cake. She likes orange and I definitely will not disappoint her especially during Aidilfitri.

This is what I most like when Aidilfitri comes. Even my Raya break is short. I still can make a few types of biscuits and cake for my guest. So, don’t be afraid to comes to my house because we will serve the best to you.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Childhood Memories of Ramadan

Hello my friend! How are you? Now I want to share my past memories about Ramadan. Every year we will celebrate Ramadan.That means we have to fasting for a whole one month.I still remember when I was a kid I will pray that the fasting month will gone after a day we fasting.That is ridiculous and I already know that.I hope we will just celebrate Aidilfitri without fasting.

That is before.Now I had grown up and I have new opinion about fasting.I'm not a little kid who just want to celebrate Aidilfitri.Fasting is a good medium for people who in dieting to control their food supplier.Fasting also can train us to be more patient and to be more responsible to fulfill their fasting for a month.

When Ramadan comes, the first thing I will remember is my first year of Ramadan that I have successfully fasting for a whole one month.I was in standard three and I feel so happy.I had never though that I can complete my fasting without any day left.Maybe all my reader would say they have fasting for a whole month since they are in kindergarten or earlier than that, but for me it the age is not important.All I really want is to complete my fasting without any forces from anyone and I have achieve what I want at that moment.

At first it is hard to do it.Image this, a kid at school, surrounded by non Muslim friend who love to eat in front of us, the Muslim kid and without our parent beside us that makes me easier to break my fast, it is a big challenge for me.After a week, I get use with it and is not a big challenge anymore.I just continue my fasting till the end of Ramadan.

Now I'm 19 years old.Fasting is not a big issues to me.I will wait for the Ramadan and ready to fulfill my responsible as a Muslim.I feel happy when Ramadan comes near as I know after that Aidilfitri will soon coming to replace the fasting month.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Favourite Dream House

Hello my friend! Now I want to share about my dream house. I have several of dream house that have different in their type and style. It may sound impossible but it alright, it just a big dream. Dreaming is free and don’t cost any money.

First I want an apartment because I will stay alone and near my place of work. It is suitable for the time I start to work. Then when I become successful and rich, I will buy a mansion house and a lake house.If I have to choose one, I will choose the lake house because it gives more benefit to me. Lastly, when I feel bored to work in professional world, I will buy a farm house and start to be a farmer.

I want an apartment when I start to work. At first I will rent it. After a year, I will buy it and starts do decorate it. I want to adapt a modern style and I will use red and white colour as the main theme of my house. For the entire bedroom, the theme is purple in colour. How beautiful it is!


It is very big house and cost a lot of money if I want to buy it.I want an English style and the inner part is in white colour including the wall and its furniture.It is a proud to have this type of house. It can show how wealth we are. That is not my objective to have this house. All I want is satisfaction after working hard.


This is the type of house that I really want to have.Imagine a house beside a lake that have a beautiful view.Green environment that full with tree and others plants is very peaceful to me.House that far from city is good for our health.Every breath that we take is totally fresh from the tree around the evening, I can watch a swarm of bird flying home and duck swim at the lake.


This is the house that I want for my old age. If I began to enter 45 years old and above, I will retire from professional work and focus more on myself and my family. I like gardening and farm house is a perfect medium for me. I will have cows, sheep, goats, chickens and ducks at my farm. If I can afford it, I will have my own horse. Farm house is suitable for people who want peace in mind and money is not their priority anymore.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My New Album

Hello my friend! Did you have your own favourite song(s) ? Why did you like those song(s) ? Different people have different reason. So do I. This time I will share my favourite songs and the reason why I like those songs. This is my new album.I just released my album.

1. Fort Minor - Where 'd you go
This song is soft and nice to hear

2. Shayne Ward - No promises
This song tells us that the singer is very appreciate his lover

3. Exists - Mengintai dari tirai kamar
I love this song because it is melancholic and the singer can accept why his love being rejected

4. Garret Gates - Anyone of us
It tells that he had make a mistake and hope his couple forgive him because anyone can make the same mistake too

5. Kelly Clarkson - My life would suck without you
I like this song because it show the real situation when two people are in love.I know it is true even I have no experience in this situation

6. Raihan - Ya Rasulallah
I think every Muslim in our country have heard it.It tells us about our prophet. This song remind me a lot to our Prophet

7. M2M - The day you went away
Actually I like this song because of their voice.They have a cute voice and the singer is very cute too

8. Dido - White flag
This song is very nice to hear.It is a slow song and give peace in my mind if I heard it. The truth is I had never try to know what is the song about

9. Raihan - I'tiraf
This song is like a pray of a person to Allah.We seek for forgiveness and hope a good end from Him even thought we a not a good people

10. MLTR - Take me to your heart
It is the song that I like most.It is a lovely song.This song is translated from Mandarin version.If you never heard it, try to hear it.I'm so sure you will like it

This is the 10 songs that I like at this moment.This songs may changes in future.For me, all type of music is best as long as you can accept it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

10 Facts about me!

1- I don't show what I like..It hard to me to explain but I try my best. People usually misunderstood on what I like such as my favourite colour.I like purple but most of my things is blue in colour.I like Hello Kitty but I only have Patrick as my teddy bear.I like bakes cake but I dislike eat cake.

2- I don't like to hear any voices early in the morning (before 8 . 00 a.m. ). I can suddenly became very tension or suddenly have a bad mood if I heard it, especially the one that had high volume. Radio, television and people voice is the main factor that contribute to this voices.

3- I really hate Malay novel. I have stopped reading this novel since I was in primary school. I only read the compulsory one which is for Form 5. It have the same story, the same main idea and full with nothing.

4- I have a dream to open my own bakery and cake shop. I loves to make cake when I have time and all the ingredients is complete. If one or two ingredient is missing, I just put whatever that can suits it. This activity is really testing my critical thinking. Nowadays, is hard to find Malay bakery shop and the halal one. If I have more money, I will do franchising and all Muslim people around the world can taste my product.

5- I like money and business as it make me busy.Money is important and business is the best way to gain more money.I will become a very busy person if money and business is one of my priority. It fun to be a very busy person but sometimes you can get stressed.So before you want to be a very person make sure you have prepared yourself.

6- I am very angry at people who hurt animals especially cat. Who they think they are?All in the Earth is belongs to Allah and we should not do anything that can give harm to others. I always give lecture to myself to care about others creature and loves our Earth. Please be a very responsible person for our future generations.

7- I am allergic with seafood and I don't eat Durian and Pineapple. I will get rashes and feel itchy all over my body.For Durian, I dislike the smell.Pineapple can make my tongue hurt even if I just smell it.Imagine if I eat it.It is a worse thing!

8-I like rules.My life is easier with rules.It help to discipline me as I will try to follow it.I always try not to break the rules.If I can follow the rules, I feel like I have won in a war.This is so great!Rules is a very good tool to discipline people.It is not hard to follow the rules.For those that think it is hard, I think you have to think it twice.

9- I always think positive! Think positively can help to motivate me in whatever situation. I notice that people who have succeed in their life and carrier always think positive when they facing with a problem. My father is the best example. He always think positive and he had train me to think positively since I was in kindergarten.

10-I don’t like people calling me Ina. I don’t have fixed reason but I strongly hate people calling me using that name. You can call me Nurul, Fae, Fain, In or anything that sound nice to hear. I think I just bored to hear the same name since I was a kid. So please don’t call me Ina okay!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My D3D2 Classmate

Hello my dearest friend!This time we will talk about my D3D2 classmate. First of all , I want to apologise to all of my D3D2 classmate if my comment hurt your feeling. If you don’t agree with me please let me know and I will try to fix it.

First I will talk about D3D2 girls. Start with Suatika(1), she is a very quiet person if you don’t really know her. You cant imagine her real characteristic until you become close to her. She also have soft voice or soft spoken person and can became a very funny person if she start to make jokes.She is crazy with Hujan band and their vocalist, Noh.

Leen(2),has loud voice that make her doest’t have to scream to communicate with people that far from her. She likes to be a leader and have a lot of ideas in her mind. She a bit naughty and I know She know what I mean by “naughty”. Leen is a good friend if I in trouble and it’s lucky to be her friend.

Anis(3) looks very quiet and a bit shy but she look sweet when she smile. She likes to wear “Baju Kurung”. I always see Anis in “Baju Kurung” each time we have class.She loves her family and her siblings. She likes to go home every weekends to see their new family, a lovely baby.

Nadia(4) is Suatika wing mate when they in Part One.I know her since we in Part One and she is talk active person. Even her face look serious, she actually a very friendly person. Nadia can cheer up my day especially if I stress and tension with a lot of burden to handle.

Khairunnisa or Nisa(5) look very quiet and shy. She is soft spoken person and very polite. She good in numbers and I think she loves mathematics. Last semester I did’t have a chance to talk with her. This semester I want to know her better than last semester.

Farah(6) is close friend to Nisa and Anis. She is my wing mate last semester and she is very nice person. Farah is so clever and I’m so jealous with her pointer. She also have good soft skill and a hard working person.Hope Farah can give some tips to help increase my pointer this semester.

I don’t really know Siti(7).She always with her group and I rarely talk with her. Sometimes she okay but sometimes she’s a bit moody.She tall and that maybe her advantages. I just want to say so. I’m so sorry I don’t really know you even we in the same class for three semester.

Sina(8) is cute and sporting.She loves to smile and make jokes. If she be a class representative, she will carry the responsible clearly.Sina also does’t mind to share anything that belongs to her with anybody. She likes to help her friend too. Its lucky to be her close friend.

Suria(9) also look quiet but when she have the chance to talk, she know what to speak and how to elaborate the point. She is simple and clever. She always with Nana since in semester One and they look suitable together.

Nana(11) is pretty and sweet. She always look beautiful from top to toe.I likes to watch her but don’t be afraid as I will not watch you 24 hours. She can take the responsible that you give to her. She can easily cooperate with other in teamwork assignment.

Ita(12) is a very strong person. I feel sympathy to her. I hope she can be a successful person in future. She is clever and sometimes she can be very talk active. She not so tall but she has a hyperactive mouth when she does not understand something in class. Don’t be mad Ita.

Hidayah(13) is a hardworking person. Like how her hand do the work, you can imagine how her mouth it is. If she start to speak she will certainly forget to stop. Dayah, don’t be upset. This is your advantages. You are friendly and every one likes you.

Liyana or Lana(14) is good in English. She can speak very well.She have brilliant brain and many of us hope to be lucky as her.She also have good looking but if you add some dose in your smile, it will be better. You can look sweet with smile in your face.Try it first before you got mad.

Ila(15) is close to me since we are in Part one. She is caring and kindhearted person. She does not like to take medicine when she fall sick.Ila is so crazy with green colour.Most of her things is green in colour. I bet her wedding is 100% green.

Shima(16) look so quiet in class but it is good to have her in group for assignment as she is a hard working. She have a sister and every time she get the chance to go home, you cant see her in UiTM until the class start.

Mira(17) is a talkative person. she loves to ask question in class. She cant just sit and do nothing. I always see her walking around, go to her friend room and maybe drop by for a while.she always with her group since last semester.

Warda is a nice person and she have a very sweet smile.

Alin is tall and clever. She is very simple and friendly.

Ifa is close with Shima. She look sweet if she wearing 'tudung'.

Now the guys. Start with Hafiz(1). He is clever and active in society. He quite friendly.

Damiri(2) likes to wear tight t-shirt. Sometimes look so blur.

Afiq(3) look quiet and shy.He always with Kashfi.

Zaki(4) is very smart and tall. He is friendly and easy to mix with others.

Kashfi(5) is stylo but quite lazy. This semester you always sick.Why?

Evra(6) is friendly and clever.You have a sweet smile.

Franky(7) is quiet and very polite person.How to spell you name?Franky or Frankie?

Syukri(8) doest talk to much but it is comfortable to talk with him.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Subject This Semester

Good day! How are you?Hope everything fine. Let's talk about subject we take this semester. For Banking student in Part 3 we have seven subjects including co-curiculum. It is Bel, Ctu, Finance, Third language, Macroeconomic, Statistic. I want to concentrate on this six subject only because it is for academic purpose. I dont say co-curiculum is not important but i prefer to talk about this six subject for now.

First subject,Bel 311. I'm not good in English especially in grammar and speaking part. I feel quite good in writing but grammar mistake always destroy my writing. Truly, I dont like grammar. What I like about this subject is it can help me to gain more confident to speak with others. I also learn how to create and manage my own blog. Mr Izuan is my Bel 311 lecturer. He is a bit serious sometimes but he is okay if we did everything he told to do. I like to see his smile. If he smile, all my nervous about grammatical error and speaking in front of people will gone. Hope he will not angry if he read this.

Ctu subject, is the subject about economic in Islam. I like this subject because it let me know the history in past and it related to economies. I like somethings that related with economies, money and profit. I 'm not materialistic but it is reality today. Ustaz Kamarulzaman is a good lecturer. He has a very large knowledge about Islam. That is why people call him 'ustaz'. I like his stlye in teaching his student as it is not bored to hear what he said.

This is my favourite subject, macroeconomic. Macro is harder than micro because it involved international and overall in economies. Micro is more focuses in individual but in macro we can learn more and have better understanding in government policies about economies. My lecturer is Mr. Abdullah. He is good in teaching but sometimes I cant understand what he's taking about.Perhaps it is my fault. Mr. Dollah has effective ways to help his student to understand more about Macroeconomic.

Finance is another my favorite subject. This subject is detail and have a lot of work to do. This subject involved account, balance sheet and many things that related to accouting. Doing a lot of practice can help us spend less time in final exam.Finance is full with numbers.Even I don't really like number, I still like Finance.About the lecturer, he is very talented lecturer.Mr . Syamsul is good in giving lecture.I admire him so much. He has many experience and always look forward.

QMT or statistic is one of the subject that we take this semester. This subject involved number, graft, pie chart and all about analyzing data. I don't understand much this subject even though it look easy. Statistic subject use a lot of graft paper and also geometrical set. Luckily I have bought it. My lecturer is Miss Arfah.She is a very young person and I feel like my sister is teaching me when she was teaching QMT in class.She looks friendly and likes to make jokes. I hope this subject is not too hard to me.

This semester I took Mandarin subject as my third language subject. I have very much fun learning this subject. I learn new thing and new language!Mandarin has different tone and the rest nearly same to 'Bahasa Malaysia'. I feel very excited each time I have Mandarin Class. I like my lecturer,Mr . Lim. He is very nice and full of spirit. I feel like in kindergarden when Mr . Lim told us to follow every single word that he introduce in class. It still fun even we have to be a kindergarden kids!

That all the subject that I take this semester . Every subject has their own speciality and everyone have their own opinion regarding each subject. So how about you?Which is your favourite ?

Being A Senior

Hello my friend! How are you? Feeling old day by day? That is a good sign. That's mean you are senior now. Being 19 years old had made us, all Part 3 become a senior to Part 1 and Part 2. Even most of Part 2 is in the same age like us, we still a senior. We have enter this universities first and we have more knowledge than them. This remember me to Mr. Shukor, ex RS for college Si Manja Kini. He said, " respect your senior as they have more knowledge than a junior, ".
Semester by semester, I have gain more knowledge and experiences. With experience sitting in college for a year, this semester I did not bring anything that have no use to me. I just bring whatever it necessary and try not to bring many things. Being a senior is fun. I start to feel less busy than I was in Part 1. I have more time for my studies and my friend. I become more systematic and independent person. I know what to do and how to do it. My junior also always came to see me to seek an advice or an help. As a junior, of course I will give a hand to them.
This July November semester, I'm in new semester as a Part 3 student. Now I can feel a little bit as a senior. With different a year in age with Part 1 student, I feel like a sister and a senior. At my college, most of them are Part 1. For example, my own wing at level 2, have 32 Part 1 and only 8 senior including me. As a Part 1 student, they they have to do " PSU " activity that need them to interview senior. At first, I feel uncomfortable when they call me sister, but when they keep calling like that , I just accept it. I also feel respected by my junior and I'm proud to be a senior.
Being a senior is a good thing . I feel happy because I have a younger than me . At college , most of them is Part 1 . Sometimes is quite bored because I have no friend there . I have for made ' special visit ' to my friends in others block . Experience made us a good human . I now can easily be friend with others and can have more paces in my list to hang out if I have no mood to study .
In conclusion , being a senior is good . We feel more respected by others and the most important part is , we have to shoe good attitude to junior . Thus can help to discipline us and can control us from being involved negative activities . Being a senior also give me some authority for some decision . I don't have to heard to follow all senior says as I have some choices and power .
Before I end , here a sentences that I get from a book that I hold it as my principal " A good leader is a leader , not follower . " That I want to be . How about you ?

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Roommate

We meet again. How are you ? Now, I would like to talk about my roommate. Her name is Izzah Hafizah Bt Badrol Hisam. She is my junior. She is 18 years old and now, she is in Part One.She is studying Diploma in Business Study. Her birthday is on 03Th July 1991. Her zodiac is cancer. She's a bit chubby, not so tall and not to short. She looks nice and friendly. We came from the same state, Selangor. She lives in Shah Alam.I think she is a sensitive person and like to be pampered by others.

Izzah or her nickname Eja has six family members. She has four siblings and she is the eldest. Her siblings consists of three girls and one boy. She loves her family and they are very close to each other. The age gap between her age and her siblings is quite close and some of them were in primary school. At home she stays with her grandmother too. Her grandma always give some advise every time she call her grandmother

My roommate and I love English songs. Her favourite song is The Climb by Miley Cyrus and Halo by Beyonce. She also likes James Bond Movies and her favourite television show is CSI. Her favourite food is 'Nasi Dagang' and her favourite drink is Soya Bean. Izzah also loves to eat 'Durian' and 'Laici'. I hate 'Durian' very much but she loves it very much. When she was in secondary school, she loves 'Bahasa Malaysia' and Science subjects. She prefer reading than numbers. The same goes to me. I like History and Economic subjects.
As a Part One, she felt happy to enter the new world of studies. As she enter universities, she have to do most of the things on her own. At first, she was afraid but she can follow the changes rapidly. Even though she was very happy, she still felt sad sometimes because she had to leave her family for a semester. Being a Part One make her feel so busy and stressed. I hope she can survive until the end of her Diploma and try to mix with others.

My roommate and I, have a good relationship. Even though I'm her senior and she is my junior, we still respect each other. I had made a request to comment about me and she said that I'm a good, kind and cute person. I feel it a bit funny but is not important. She also said that I'm a very quiet person. I guess she did not really knows me. I hope she will not surprised when I become a very friendly and noisy person.

Monday, July 6, 2009

About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my world. My name is Nurul Faina. You can call me Faina. I like my name very much because it different from others. Truly, I have no idea what is the meaning of my name, but I still love it as it is hard to find the same name like me. My birthday is on 08Th May 1990. This year I will turn 19 and my zodiac is Taurus. In Chinese calendar, it is in horse year. Well, I'm so sure that everyone knows about it. I was born at Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. For your information, Jelebu is one of the biggest state in Negeri Sembilan.

What do you like to eat and drink? For me, I more prefer fried noddle and iced lemon tea. Fried noddle's is easy to cook and we can eat anytime we want. Ice lemon tea is combination between tea and lemon that can help to refresh me when I need it. I like to watch television. My favourite television show is Supernatural. The story is full with mystery and suspense elements. Not only that, the choice of actor and actress in this series also is suitable with their role in the story. Reading and gardening also is my favourite activities. We can gain more knowledge when reading and burn some calories when gardening.

Now let's talk about what I'm doing now. I study Banking at UiTM Segamat for the second year. I am now in Part 3. I like my course and I will not regret choosing this course. It help me a lot in financial matter and also give me a better understanding about market shares. For this semester, I stay at Zamrud College. My room is comfortable and only me and my junior roommate.

My father is a Policeman.His name is Bahari. He will retire soon and open a small business of his own. My father is a very friendly person and many people know about him. My mother is a housewife.Her name is Rozita. She is hardworking and full with love. She always take care of her family. I have four siblings, and I'm the second one. I have a sister studying at nursing college last year, and the rest are still studying in secondary school. I also have a cat namely Uci.My family loves Uci very much. I'm so happy with my family and hope everything will go well.