Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Favourite Dream House

Hello my friend! Now I want to share about my dream house. I have several of dream house that have different in their type and style. It may sound impossible but it alright, it just a big dream. Dreaming is free and don’t cost any money.

First I want an apartment because I will stay alone and near my place of work. It is suitable for the time I start to work. Then when I become successful and rich, I will buy a mansion house and a lake house.If I have to choose one, I will choose the lake house because it gives more benefit to me. Lastly, when I feel bored to work in professional world, I will buy a farm house and start to be a farmer.

I want an apartment when I start to work. At first I will rent it. After a year, I will buy it and starts do decorate it. I want to adapt a modern style and I will use red and white colour as the main theme of my house. For the entire bedroom, the theme is purple in colour. How beautiful it is!


It is very big house and cost a lot of money if I want to buy it.I want an English style and the inner part is in white colour including the wall and its furniture.It is a proud to have this type of house. It can show how wealth we are. That is not my objective to have this house. All I want is satisfaction after working hard.


This is the type of house that I really want to have.Imagine a house beside a lake that have a beautiful view.Green environment that full with tree and others plants is very peaceful to me.House that far from city is good for our health.Every breath that we take is totally fresh from the tree around the evening, I can watch a swarm of bird flying home and duck swim at the lake.


This is the house that I want for my old age. If I began to enter 45 years old and above, I will retire from professional work and focus more on myself and my family. I like gardening and farm house is a perfect medium for me. I will have cows, sheep, goats, chickens and ducks at my farm. If I can afford it, I will have my own horse. Farm house is suitable for people who want peace in mind and money is not their priority anymore.

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