Saturday, September 5, 2009

Childhood Memories of Ramadan

Hello my friend! How are you? Now I want to share my past memories about Ramadan. Every year we will celebrate Ramadan.That means we have to fasting for a whole one month.I still remember when I was a kid I will pray that the fasting month will gone after a day we fasting.That is ridiculous and I already know that.I hope we will just celebrate Aidilfitri without fasting.

That is before.Now I had grown up and I have new opinion about fasting.I'm not a little kid who just want to celebrate Aidilfitri.Fasting is a good medium for people who in dieting to control their food supplier.Fasting also can train us to be more patient and to be more responsible to fulfill their fasting for a month.

When Ramadan comes, the first thing I will remember is my first year of Ramadan that I have successfully fasting for a whole one month.I was in standard three and I feel so happy.I had never though that I can complete my fasting without any day left.Maybe all my reader would say they have fasting for a whole month since they are in kindergarten or earlier than that, but for me it the age is not important.All I really want is to complete my fasting without any forces from anyone and I have achieve what I want at that moment.

At first it is hard to do it.Image this, a kid at school, surrounded by non Muslim friend who love to eat in front of us, the Muslim kid and without our parent beside us that makes me easier to break my fast, it is a big challenge for me.After a week, I get use with it and is not a big challenge anymore.I just continue my fasting till the end of Ramadan.

Now I'm 19 years old.Fasting is not a big issues to me.I will wait for the Ramadan and ready to fulfill my responsible as a Muslim.I feel happy when Ramadan comes near as I know after that Aidilfitri will soon coming to replace the fasting month.

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