Sunday, August 16, 2009

10 Facts about me!

1- I don't show what I like..It hard to me to explain but I try my best. People usually misunderstood on what I like such as my favourite colour.I like purple but most of my things is blue in colour.I like Hello Kitty but I only have Patrick as my teddy bear.I like bakes cake but I dislike eat cake.

2- I don't like to hear any voices early in the morning (before 8 . 00 a.m. ). I can suddenly became very tension or suddenly have a bad mood if I heard it, especially the one that had high volume. Radio, television and people voice is the main factor that contribute to this voices.

3- I really hate Malay novel. I have stopped reading this novel since I was in primary school. I only read the compulsory one which is for Form 5. It have the same story, the same main idea and full with nothing.

4- I have a dream to open my own bakery and cake shop. I loves to make cake when I have time and all the ingredients is complete. If one or two ingredient is missing, I just put whatever that can suits it. This activity is really testing my critical thinking. Nowadays, is hard to find Malay bakery shop and the halal one. If I have more money, I will do franchising and all Muslim people around the world can taste my product.

5- I like money and business as it make me busy.Money is important and business is the best way to gain more money.I will become a very busy person if money and business is one of my priority. It fun to be a very busy person but sometimes you can get stressed.So before you want to be a very person make sure you have prepared yourself.

6- I am very angry at people who hurt animals especially cat. Who they think they are?All in the Earth is belongs to Allah and we should not do anything that can give harm to others. I always give lecture to myself to care about others creature and loves our Earth. Please be a very responsible person for our future generations.

7- I am allergic with seafood and I don't eat Durian and Pineapple. I will get rashes and feel itchy all over my body.For Durian, I dislike the smell.Pineapple can make my tongue hurt even if I just smell it.Imagine if I eat it.It is a worse thing!

8-I like rules.My life is easier with rules.It help to discipline me as I will try to follow it.I always try not to break the rules.If I can follow the rules, I feel like I have won in a war.This is so great!Rules is a very good tool to discipline people.It is not hard to follow the rules.For those that think it is hard, I think you have to think it twice.

9- I always think positive! Think positively can help to motivate me in whatever situation. I notice that people who have succeed in their life and carrier always think positive when they facing with a problem. My father is the best example. He always think positive and he had train me to think positively since I was in kindergarten.

10-I don’t like people calling me Ina. I don’t have fixed reason but I strongly hate people calling me using that name. You can call me Nurul, Fae, Fain, In or anything that sound nice to hear. I think I just bored to hear the same name since I was a kid. So please don’t call me Ina okay!

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  1. 1. That's kinda confusing..

    2. Same here. I hate intrusive sounds when I am trying to sleep.

    3. Yes! Me too! That's why I only read English novels.

    4. I hope you will be able to make that dream come true. For now, study hard and obtain your diploma.

    5. I'm not a business-minded person. I'm content being a lecturer.

    6. I couldn't agree more.

    7. How unfortunate.

    8. I also like to obey rules. Your insight on them is very interesting.

    9. True.

    10. Okay Ina.. err Faina!