Friday, August 21, 2009

My New Album

Hello my friend! Did you have your own favourite song(s) ? Why did you like those song(s) ? Different people have different reason. So do I. This time I will share my favourite songs and the reason why I like those songs. This is my new album.I just released my album.

1. Fort Minor - Where 'd you go
This song is soft and nice to hear

2. Shayne Ward - No promises
This song tells us that the singer is very appreciate his lover

3. Exists - Mengintai dari tirai kamar
I love this song because it is melancholic and the singer can accept why his love being rejected

4. Garret Gates - Anyone of us
It tells that he had make a mistake and hope his couple forgive him because anyone can make the same mistake too

5. Kelly Clarkson - My life would suck without you
I like this song because it show the real situation when two people are in love.I know it is true even I have no experience in this situation

6. Raihan - Ya Rasulallah
I think every Muslim in our country have heard it.It tells us about our prophet. This song remind me a lot to our Prophet

7. M2M - The day you went away
Actually I like this song because of their voice.They have a cute voice and the singer is very cute too

8. Dido - White flag
This song is very nice to hear.It is a slow song and give peace in my mind if I heard it. The truth is I had never try to know what is the song about

9. Raihan - I'tiraf
This song is like a pray of a person to Allah.We seek for forgiveness and hope a good end from Him even thought we a not a good people

10. MLTR - Take me to your heart
It is the song that I like most.It is a lovely song.This song is translated from Mandarin version.If you never heard it, try to hear it.I'm so sure you will like it

This is the 10 songs that I like at this moment.This songs may changes in future.For me, all type of music is best as long as you can accept it.

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