Monday, July 6, 2009

About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my world. My name is Nurul Faina. You can call me Faina. I like my name very much because it different from others. Truly, I have no idea what is the meaning of my name, but I still love it as it is hard to find the same name like me. My birthday is on 08Th May 1990. This year I will turn 19 and my zodiac is Taurus. In Chinese calendar, it is in horse year. Well, I'm so sure that everyone knows about it. I was born at Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. For your information, Jelebu is one of the biggest state in Negeri Sembilan.

What do you like to eat and drink? For me, I more prefer fried noddle and iced lemon tea. Fried noddle's is easy to cook and we can eat anytime we want. Ice lemon tea is combination between tea and lemon that can help to refresh me when I need it. I like to watch television. My favourite television show is Supernatural. The story is full with mystery and suspense elements. Not only that, the choice of actor and actress in this series also is suitable with their role in the story. Reading and gardening also is my favourite activities. We can gain more knowledge when reading and burn some calories when gardening.

Now let's talk about what I'm doing now. I study Banking at UiTM Segamat for the second year. I am now in Part 3. I like my course and I will not regret choosing this course. It help me a lot in financial matter and also give me a better understanding about market shares. For this semester, I stay at Zamrud College. My room is comfortable and only me and my junior roommate.

My father is a Policeman.His name is Bahari. He will retire soon and open a small business of his own. My father is a very friendly person and many people know about him. My mother is a housewife.Her name is Rozita. She is hardworking and full with love. She always take care of her family. I have four siblings, and I'm the second one. I have a sister studying at nursing college last year, and the rest are still studying in secondary school. I also have a cat namely Uci.My family loves Uci very much. I'm so happy with my family and hope everything will go well.

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