Thursday, July 30, 2009

Being A Senior

Hello my friend! How are you? Feeling old day by day? That is a good sign. That's mean you are senior now. Being 19 years old had made us, all Part 3 become a senior to Part 1 and Part 2. Even most of Part 2 is in the same age like us, we still a senior. We have enter this universities first and we have more knowledge than them. This remember me to Mr. Shukor, ex RS for college Si Manja Kini. He said, " respect your senior as they have more knowledge than a junior, ".
Semester by semester, I have gain more knowledge and experiences. With experience sitting in college for a year, this semester I did not bring anything that have no use to me. I just bring whatever it necessary and try not to bring many things. Being a senior is fun. I start to feel less busy than I was in Part 1. I have more time for my studies and my friend. I become more systematic and independent person. I know what to do and how to do it. My junior also always came to see me to seek an advice or an help. As a junior, of course I will give a hand to them.
This July November semester, I'm in new semester as a Part 3 student. Now I can feel a little bit as a senior. With different a year in age with Part 1 student, I feel like a sister and a senior. At my college, most of them are Part 1. For example, my own wing at level 2, have 32 Part 1 and only 8 senior including me. As a Part 1 student, they they have to do " PSU " activity that need them to interview senior. At first, I feel uncomfortable when they call me sister, but when they keep calling like that , I just accept it. I also feel respected by my junior and I'm proud to be a senior.
Being a senior is a good thing . I feel happy because I have a younger than me . At college , most of them is Part 1 . Sometimes is quite bored because I have no friend there . I have for made ' special visit ' to my friends in others block . Experience made us a good human . I now can easily be friend with others and can have more paces in my list to hang out if I have no mood to study .
In conclusion , being a senior is good . We feel more respected by others and the most important part is , we have to shoe good attitude to junior . Thus can help to discipline us and can control us from being involved negative activities . Being a senior also give me some authority for some decision . I don't have to heard to follow all senior says as I have some choices and power .
Before I end , here a sentences that I get from a book that I hold it as my principal " A good leader is a leader , not follower . " That I want to be . How about you ?

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