Friday, July 17, 2009

My Roommate

We meet again. How are you ? Now, I would like to talk about my roommate. Her name is Izzah Hafizah Bt Badrol Hisam. She is my junior. She is 18 years old and now, she is in Part One.She is studying Diploma in Business Study. Her birthday is on 03Th July 1991. Her zodiac is cancer. She's a bit chubby, not so tall and not to short. She looks nice and friendly. We came from the same state, Selangor. She lives in Shah Alam.I think she is a sensitive person and like to be pampered by others.

Izzah or her nickname Eja has six family members. She has four siblings and she is the eldest. Her siblings consists of three girls and one boy. She loves her family and they are very close to each other. The age gap between her age and her siblings is quite close and some of them were in primary school. At home she stays with her grandmother too. Her grandma always give some advise every time she call her grandmother

My roommate and I love English songs. Her favourite song is The Climb by Miley Cyrus and Halo by Beyonce. She also likes James Bond Movies and her favourite television show is CSI. Her favourite food is 'Nasi Dagang' and her favourite drink is Soya Bean. Izzah also loves to eat 'Durian' and 'Laici'. I hate 'Durian' very much but she loves it very much. When she was in secondary school, she loves 'Bahasa Malaysia' and Science subjects. She prefer reading than numbers. The same goes to me. I like History and Economic subjects.
As a Part One, she felt happy to enter the new world of studies. As she enter universities, she have to do most of the things on her own. At first, she was afraid but she can follow the changes rapidly. Even though she was very happy, she still felt sad sometimes because she had to leave her family for a semester. Being a Part One make her feel so busy and stressed. I hope she can survive until the end of her Diploma and try to mix with others.

My roommate and I, have a good relationship. Even though I'm her senior and she is my junior, we still respect each other. I had made a request to comment about me and she said that I'm a good, kind and cute person. I feel it a bit funny but is not important. She also said that I'm a very quiet person. I guess she did not really knows me. I hope she will not surprised when I become a very friendly and noisy person.

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