Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Subject This Semester

Good day! How are you?Hope everything fine. Let's talk about subject we take this semester. For Banking student in Part 3 we have seven subjects including co-curiculum. It is Bel, Ctu, Finance, Third language, Macroeconomic, Statistic. I want to concentrate on this six subject only because it is for academic purpose. I dont say co-curiculum is not important but i prefer to talk about this six subject for now.

First subject,Bel 311. I'm not good in English especially in grammar and speaking part. I feel quite good in writing but grammar mistake always destroy my writing. Truly, I dont like grammar. What I like about this subject is it can help me to gain more confident to speak with others. I also learn how to create and manage my own blog. Mr Izuan is my Bel 311 lecturer. He is a bit serious sometimes but he is okay if we did everything he told to do. I like to see his smile. If he smile, all my nervous about grammatical error and speaking in front of people will gone. Hope he will not angry if he read this.

Ctu subject, is the subject about economic in Islam. I like this subject because it let me know the history in past and it related to economies. I like somethings that related with economies, money and profit. I 'm not materialistic but it is reality today. Ustaz Kamarulzaman is a good lecturer. He has a very large knowledge about Islam. That is why people call him 'ustaz'. I like his stlye in teaching his student as it is not bored to hear what he said.

This is my favourite subject, macroeconomic. Macro is harder than micro because it involved international and overall in economies. Micro is more focuses in individual but in macro we can learn more and have better understanding in government policies about economies. My lecturer is Mr. Abdullah. He is good in teaching but sometimes I cant understand what he's taking about.Perhaps it is my fault. Mr. Dollah has effective ways to help his student to understand more about Macroeconomic.

Finance is another my favorite subject. This subject is detail and have a lot of work to do. This subject involved account, balance sheet and many things that related to accouting. Doing a lot of practice can help us spend less time in final exam.Finance is full with numbers.Even I don't really like number, I still like Finance.About the lecturer, he is very talented lecturer.Mr . Syamsul is good in giving lecture.I admire him so much. He has many experience and always look forward.

QMT or statistic is one of the subject that we take this semester. This subject involved number, graft, pie chart and all about analyzing data. I don't understand much this subject even though it look easy. Statistic subject use a lot of graft paper and also geometrical set. Luckily I have bought it. My lecturer is Miss Arfah.She is a very young person and I feel like my sister is teaching me when she was teaching QMT in class.She looks friendly and likes to make jokes. I hope this subject is not too hard to me.

This semester I took Mandarin subject as my third language subject. I have very much fun learning this subject. I learn new thing and new language!Mandarin has different tone and the rest nearly same to 'Bahasa Malaysia'. I feel very excited each time I have Mandarin Class. I like my lecturer,Mr . Lim. He is very nice and full of spirit. I feel like in kindergarden when Mr . Lim told us to follow every single word that he introduce in class. It still fun even we have to be a kindergarden kids!

That all the subject that I take this semester . Every subject has their own speciality and everyone have their own opinion regarding each subject. So how about you?Which is your favourite ?

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